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Buenos Aires To Go Privacy commitment

Buenos Aires To Go hereby agrees to protect the privacy of those using our Site and the confidentiality of personal information provided by our users on the Site. This Privacy Policy explains the steps we take to ensure that your information is kept secure and confidential.

Read carefully this privacy policy since once you use our Web Site or service it will be understood that you have read and accepted this privacy policy.

You are not allowed to use our Web Site or services without prior agreement to this privacy policy

Your personal data is safe with us.

At the Site there are links to third parties. We do not assume any responsibility for them, though we carefully choose them. You should read and accept privacy policies of third parties before using such linked Sites.

Purposes for which we use the information from our users

We collect information related to our users for several purposes, such as:

*when you provide information so that we offer a particular service, for example, relevant or interesting newsletters for you, we will process the data to offer you the information and promised material.

*communicate with you in response to an specific action you have done on the Site or any of our related sites, for example, if you book a hotel, buy a ticket, book a table, leave a message, take part in a competition, exchange a special offer, book tourist services, excursions, events, etc.

*inform you of new competitions, special offers, relevant services and products that could be of your interest, so that we can send you new articles based on your interests.

*to help us improve and personalize our services both in our channels as in third ones.

Disclose information about you

We will not pass any information provided by you to third parties unless we receive your specific consent. However, we may disclose (not individual) aggregate statistics to prospective partners and advertisers, as the number of users, their location, etc. If you consent, you may occasionally receive communications from third parties with information, offers and services that may be of interest.


For us it is very important information security. However, we cannot full guarantee of no data transmission over the Internet. As a result, while we make our best efforts to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you send us, so you do so at your own risk.

Buenos Aires To Go will take precautions against the loss, misuse and alteration of user data to keep them under control. Only they have access to the information provided by you, authorized employees and subcontractors. Our systems are designed to ensure that your data can be viewed exclusively online if your email and password are entered correctly. Although we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of information to occur, we take many precautions to avoid such problems.

Ultimately, you are responsible for the security of your email and password. Use and keep them with care. We recommend that you do not disclose your password to anyone. You should log out into your browser every time you use your computer to make sure no one can access your personal information, especially if you share a computer with someone or use a computer in a public place like a library or Cybercafé.

Cookies used on this Site

Cookies and its benefits

Our website uses cookies, as almost all web sites, to try to provide the best service possible. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or mobile phone when browsing websites.

Authorization to use Cookies

If your browser is set to accept cookies and you continuously use our website, we assume that you agree. If you wish to delete or not to use cookies on our site, below we will explain how to do that, however, our site will not probably work as expected.

Our cookies help us to

*make our Web Site work better

*avoid logging in every time you visit the Site

*Remind your setting during and among visits

*Offer services/content for free (thanks to advertisement)

*Improve the speed/security of the Site

*allow you share pages in internet networks such as Facebook.

*Personalize our site to help you find what you need in a quicker way.

*permanently improve our Web Site for you

*Make our marketing more efficient (which allows us provide this service)

We do not use cookies for the following, to wit:

*Collect information personally identified (without your prior consent)

*Collect sensitive information (without your prior consent)

*Transfer information personally identified to third parties.

*Pay sales commissions

We use cookies so that our Web Site, among other things:

*Determine whether you have log in or not

*Remind your search settings

*Allows you to add comments to our Web Site

*Personalize content according to your needs.

*Remind you if certain questions have been made (e.g. Have denied using our app or an interview)

*The only way to avoid the installation of these cookies is not to use our Site.

Third Parties Functions

Some functionality of our website, like most websites, comes from third parties. A common example is an integrated YouTube video. Our site uses YouTube which includes cookies.

Clearing these cookies will probably prevent the functions offered by this or other third parties.

Social Web Site Cookies

To facilitate the button, 'Like' or share our content on Facebook and Twitter or other, we have included buttons in our website.

Here, privacy implications vary from social network to social networks and will depend on the privacy settings you have chosen in these networks.

Site Improvement Cookies

We regularly test new designs or functions on our site. We do so by showing slightly different versions of our website to different people and anonymously controlling how visitors to our web respond to these different versions. Ultimately, this makes it possible to offer a better website.

Cookies statistics anonymous visit

We use cookies to gather visitor statistics such as how many people visited our web site, what type of technology they used (E.g. Mac or Windows, to identify if our site does not work when a particular technology is used), how long they spend on the site, which page they look, etc. This helps us to continually improve our website. These so-called 'analytical' programs also indicate, anonymously, how visitors come to this site (E.g., if they do so from a search engine) and if they have already been there, helping us to spend more money to develop our services rather than spend on marketing.

Cookies are often used in online advertising. Neither we nor our advertisers and advertising partners acquire personally identifiable information from these cookies.

You can get more information about advertising online and change your settings and options online. It is worth noting that choose not to accept cookies does not mean you will not see ads, just that they will not be personalized.

Remarketing cookies

You surely have noticed that sometimes after a site visit the number of ads related to it increases. This is because the advertisers, including ourselves, pay for these ads. Cookies allow this technology and therefore could place a call 'remarketing cookie' during your visit.

We use these ads to publicize special offers, etc., to encourage you to return to the site. Do not worry; we cannot get to you directly, since the whole process is completely anonymous. You can choose not to accept these cookies at any time as explained above.

Disable cookies

Generally, you can disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings to stop accepting them (here we share an article explaining how). However, doing so will likely limit the functionality of the site and a large proportion of the world's websites, because the cookies are a standard part of most modern sites.

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