CITY TOUR - Buenos Aires Highlights + Palermo Soho & Hollywood

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You want to know Buenos Aires, but you do not know where to start? Our city tour is perfect! A panoramic tour through the trending places of Buenos Aires and a stop tour at the most ultramodern neighborhood: Palermo Soho.

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This fascinating tour includes the most important sites of our Buenos Aires Highlights, in addition to a tour of the most avant-garde neighborhood of the city: Palermo Soho. We invite you to our favorite spots design, street art and its gastronomic move. In addition, some of the history of this residential neighborhood that learnt to reinvent itself like the New Yorker Soho.

The tour also includes the Plaza de Mayo, founded in 1884 and home to the most important historical events in Buenos Aires and Argentina. Our guide tells us all about this neuralgic area: around, the most emblematic buildings, and its protagonists. Here it is the famous Casa Rosada, the seat where the President governs Argentina every day.

We continue along the Avenida de Mayo and walk along the oldest residential district of the city: San Telmo. It is as if we were back time ... We walk around its cobbled streets, we discover its antique shops, quaint buildings and reveal the style of that Buenos Aires of the year 1880.

The tour also takes us to La Boca, the legendary tango neighborhood, Caminito, football club Boca and its famous stadium. Here we can improvise some tango steps with dancing couples showing their talent in every corner. Or, alternatively, try an alfajor (irresistibly sweet delicacy of Argentina), talk about Maradona, or buy souvenirs at one of the so many souvenir shops.

What follows is a radical change of scenery, we return to Buenos Aires in 2016 and its most modern neighborhood: Puerto Madero (Or downtown Miami? The resemblance is undeniable?). Its skyscrapers, the highest in the city, in contrast to some of the most beautiful and cared green spaces. Here it is the famous Puente de la Mujer de Santiago Calatrava, the only work of authorship in Latin America.

We continue trip to the neighborhoods of Retiro and Recoleta. Here we find an exciting stop on his famous cemetery, the oldest in the city. There lie the remains of illustrious personalities from Argentina as Evita Peron.

It's time to say goodbye, but with the satisfaction of having traveled the most beautiful neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, having learnt about its history, its people and its secrets...

Meeting point: passenger hotel (downtown area).

Farewell point: you can choose between various central locations in the city; you coordinate with the guide.

Daily tours: at 2.30 pm (passengers pick up can start up to an hour before the tour).

Tour length: 4/5 hours.

This tour includes:

* Guides in English, Portuguese, Spanish

* Groups of up to 45 passengers per bus

* Pick up by hotel

* Stops with hop off at: Plaza de Mayo, La Boca, Recoleta

* Palermo Soho & Hollywood

* Palermo Soho & Palermo Hollywood

* Plaza de Mayo

* El Cabildo

* Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires (Cathedral)

* Pirámide de Mayo

* Avenida de Mayo

* San Telmo

* La Boca

* La Bombonera (Boca Soccer Stadium)

* Caminito

* Puerto Madero

* Puente de la Mujer

* Retiro

* Palermo

* Recoleta

* * Recoleta Cemetery


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