CITY TOUR - Buenos Aires: Tango & Soccer

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Discover Buenos Aires from its two greatest passions: tango and fútbol (soccer)! Meet the neighborhoods of Abasto, Downtown and La Boca, and also the most tango danced corners, Carlos Gardel and La Bombonera. Unmissable!

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Argentines are fanatics and passionate, especially for music and soccer. Our tour helps us understand this cultural phenomenon that surprises the whole world.

Let´s start with tango, musical genre that was born in Buenos Aires and conquered everyone in the beginning of 1900. The city is full of tango corners, each with its own history; and this tour invites us to visit them! The same happens with traditional bars that have survived over the years, and still retain the malevolent spirit of tango. This takes us to see neighborhoods like Abasto (where the Museo Carlos Gardel is located, but entrance ticket is not included), and the downtown.

Then, we go on with La Boca, surely the most tango neighborhood of all. There you can find the famous Caminito, where we stop to appreciate its colorful tenements and couples improvising tango steps.

But not all is tango, the neighborhood of La Boca is an emblem in what refers to soccer. A few meters from Caminito you can find La Bombonera, the mythical stadium of Boca Juniors club. According to Diego Maradona -the most famous Boca fan, La Bombonera is "the temple of global soccer". Here we stop to tour the stadium and enter the museum (tickets not included).

Here ends our tour in the colorful streets of the neighborhood that is the symbol of soccer and tango. An exciting walk where we introduce into the history of tango and Argentine football, and where we understand why the locals are the most exciting fans in the world.

Meeting point: passenger hotel (downtown area).

Farewell point: you can choose between various central locations in the city; it is coordinated with the guide.

Departures on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10 am (pick up passengers can start up to an hour before the tour).

Tour length: 4 to 5 hours.

This tour includes:

* Guides in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

* Groups of up to 45 passengers by bus.

* Pick up at the hotel.

* Stops with hop off at: Plaza de Mayo and La Boca.

* Abasto

* Carlos Gardel Museum

* Rincones del tango

* Typical tango bars

* Downtown

* La Boca

* Caminito

* La Bombonera (Boca soccer stadium)


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