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Get out of the city and go directly to the pampa Argentina, land of gauchos, asados, and much folklore! A full day of fun, a few kilometers from Buenos Aires.

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Santa Susana is of the favorite farms to enjoy an authentic Argentine Fiesta Gaucha (Gaucha Party). Located in Cardales, a little less than an hour from the city, we can see and interact with the famous gauchos, ride horses, eat a delicious asado, and participate in several typical activities of the Argentine countryside. Here the itinerary:

11 am - Reception at the Pulperia (traditional Argentina store) to taste homemade empanadas (pies) and regional wine.

11.30 am - Free time with activities of your choice: Walk through the garden, visit the museum and the church, ride horseback or typical carriages.

1 pm - Typical asado with Argentine salads. The variety of beverages includes soft drinks, beer and red and white wine. You can also enjoy traditional desserts with coffee or tea.

During lunch, we can enjoy a lively folklore show with traditional songs and dances like the tango.

3 pm - Demonstration of Creole skills: Gauchos show us their skills as ring races, horse mildness and intermingling of herds. It includes active public participation.

4.30 pm - End of activities and return to Buenos Aires.

It includes round trip at hotel.

Tour length: 8 hs.

* Country activities at pax choice

* Typical asado

* Singing and floklore dance show

* Creole skills exhibition


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