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Discover Temaikén, the bio-park of wild flora and fauna most important (and fascinating!) of Argentina. 60 hectares of theme park, almost 6,000 animals and 1,500 trees. A must ride for adults and children.

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This tour invites us to visit this theme park that houses nearly 6,000 animals and 1,500 trees. Located less than an hour from the city of Buenos Aires, Temaikén has 59 hectares, divided into four major areas: Africa, Asia, Native and Aquarius.

The native area is one of the most important and seeks to show the flora and fauna of Argentina. It has two areas: the Mesopotamian wildlife, with black and speckled caiman, tapirs, capybaras and lagoon turtles. And the area of Patagonian fauna, recreating environments from the Andes to the Atlantic Coast, through seven precincts: Patagonian steppe, condors, pumas, Patagonian plains, penguin, pudus and underground Patagonia, with all the poultry fauna .

The African zone lodges enclosures of flamingos, pelicans, antelopes, meerkats, colobus, three islands of lemurs, hippos and zebras.

In the Asian area we can find tigers, fruitarian bats with two species of flying foxes-vampirus and liley- and Prevosti squirrels, among others.

For the water inhabitants, there is a world built for them. An aquarium that gives each fish the temperature and quality of water they need to live, water that is analyzed, filtered and ozonated constantly.

The proposed circuit consists of a circuit where three environments of Argentina associated with water with its characteristic species are recreated: the Water pool, the area of freshwater and the ocean. And it ends at the Interactive Center, a place with activities for all ages which invites us to continue learning in a fun way.

Do not miss the amazing circle aquarium with more than 1 million liters of seawater that are home to various species of bottom of Argentine Sea.  This sector is made up of eight large windows that allow a full perimeter vision, without interruption

This full day tour fascinates equally to adults and children. It is an excursion that allows us to know, enjoy, and learn about the flora and fauna of Argentina, its habitat, natural area, and its history ... A super original and attractive way to know Argentina (and the world), but without leaving Buenos Aires!

Meeting point: the hotel passenger (downtown area).

Farewell point: you can choose between various central locations in the city; coordinated with the guide.

Departures onThursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 10 am (pick up passengers can start up to an hour before the tour).

Tour length: 8 hours.

This tour includes:

* Groups of up to 45 passenger per bus.

* Pick up at the hotel.

* Entrance to Temaikén.

* Guided tour (optional).

* Lunch and drink (optional).

* Theme Park flora and fauna

* Total area: 59 hectares

* 170 square meters of water mirrors

* 5,687 animals

* 1,500 trees

* 40 species of Mammals

* 180 species of birds

* 24 species of Reptiles

* 56 species of fish

* 60% are native species

* 40% are exotic species


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