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A show of tango and folklore that invites us to go back in time: when Buenos Aires was just tango. In addition, all the charm of one of the oldest corners of San Telmo, the corner of “El Viejo Almacen”.

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24/12/2019 – Christmas Eve
31/12/2019 – New Year´s Eve

A charming traditional corner of San Telmo named El Viejo Almacen. In its 172 years of history it learned to be a hospital, a store, a restaurant and a tenement. And in 1969 the tango lover Edmundo Rivero makes it forever a 'tango house'. A redoubt which, inevitably, leads us to the most romantic time of Buenos Aires, bandoneon time with crying loves and betrayals. 100 minutes of real Argentine music, with an orchestral quintet and the voices of Hugo Marcel and Ximena Gimenez, accompanied by four dancing couples and the Folk Group, “Los Lamas”.

With its own tango:

"And you're still here, fighting to live.

Start the performance, the piano and the violin,

that is always standing,

where there is a heart with lamp soul, Viejo Almacen ".

It includes round trip transfer to the hotel.

Dinner: 8 pm
Show: 10 PM


SHOW ONLY PROMO:  Transfers and drinks not included.

SHOW ONLY: Transfers included.

VIP SHOW: Privileged location facing the stage or the balconies. In addition, it offers open bar of imported drinks.

TRADITIONAL DINNER SHOW: The dinner menu includes several options for starter, main course and dessert. It also includes water, soft drinks and wine (Trapiche, malbec and chardonnay). During the show it offers two drinks of national origin to choose among champagne, wine, whiskey, gin tonic, doka tonic, beer, water, soft drinks and juice.

DINNER VIP SHOW: The dinner menu includes several options for starter, main course and dessert. It also includes water, soft drinks, wines (Trapiche, malbec and chardonnay) and champagne to toast Norton Special Vintage. Preferential location in the Mirador hall of the Restaurant.

During the show, it offers open bar of imported drinks: champagne, wine, beer, whiskey (Chivas or JB), Beefeater gin tonic and Absolut Vodka. Privileged location in the tango ballroom.

* Tango

* San Telmo

* El Viejo Almacén

* Typical orchestra

* Tango singers

* Tango dancers

* Folklore Group Los Lamas


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