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A magical evening of Tango, Piazzolla and Buenos Aires! Live a magnificent tango show with the songs of the master Astor Piazzolla and other great Argentine composer

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24/12/2019 – Christmas Eve
31/12/2019 – New Year´s Eve

A unique show that pays homage to Astor Piazzolla, one of the most brilliant figures of Argentine tango, with live music, an excellent dance troupe and the best singers.
The show entitled "The Four Seasons of Tango" makes a historical tour of tango. From its beginnings to modern interpretations. Also, the atmosphere is unbeatable: a theater Belle Epoque, carefully restored and with perfect acoustics. Impossible to miss!

It includes round trip to hotel. (Downtown Area only) - SEE THE OPTIONS
Dinner : 8:30 pm
Show: 21:45 pm

SHOW PROMO: Show only, does not include transfers or drinks.
SHOW: It ONLY INCLUDES BACK TO THE HOTEL TRANSFER and beverages (one soft drink and one alcoholic drink per person).
SHOW VIP:ONLY INCLUDES BACK TO THE HOTEL TRANSFER  and beverages (two tasting glasses at choice) and a typical “picada” (tray of different kinds of cheeses and cold cut).
DINNER SHOW PLATEA: It includes transfers, tango class (30 minutes) and dinner with several choices of starter, main course and dessert. Free beverages: water, soft drinks, beer and red wine or white wine of La Rural cellar. Coffee or tea.
DINNER SHOW VIP: It includes transfers, tango class (30 minutes) and preferential location in the show (VIP box). The dinner menu includes several options for starter, main course and dessert, with added prawns, salmon and tiramisu (at choice). Free beverages: water, soft drinks, beer and red wine or white wine of Rutini cellar. Coffee or tea.

* Tango

* Ástor Piazzolla

* Typical orchestra

* Tango singers

* Tango dancers


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