Ethnic Fast Food: our favorites to eat good food, and fast

Colombian, Mexican, Chinese and Cajun on-the-go in Buenos Aires.


Ethnic Fast Food: our favorites to eat good food, and fast

Mar 18, 2016


Colombian, Mexican, Chinese and Cajun on-the-go in Buenos Aires.

1- Nola: Nueva Orleans dishes

Gorriti 4389, Palermo

La de Nola was one of the most commented openings in 2014. Its owner is Liza Puglia, a young chef from New Orleans who first started with a small private restaurant and then opened a restaurant to the public, small and rustic, but always lively and full of foreign accents. Puglia serves Cajun food, typical of her land, and a result of Caribbean, French and Spanish influences. One of the most characteristic dishes is Gumbo, a kind of meat stew, with vegetables, seafood and spices, and fried chicken with different sauces (some of them are quite spicy). To drink, home-made draft beer made by her boyfriend and brother.

2- Fukuro Noodle bar: for Ramen fans

Costa Rica 5514, Palermo

One of the few places to eat Ramen, a wholesome Asian soup full of flavors having many fans and detractors, and a fashionable dish in cities such as New York. Fukuro, located on a long and narrow store with bars all over the walls, is a business founded by Matías and Vanesa Camozzi, he is Argentine, she is American. Together, they opened this place, a novelty in the city, where apart from three varieties of Ramen - tonkotsu, miso and shoyu- they serve gyozas and pork belly buns.

3- La Cresta: British Spot

Bulnes 825, Almagro. BOLÍVAR 865, SAN TELMO 

People queue in the street to be served at this fabulous gourmet takeaway in Almagro. Among its specialties you will find wraps of any possible combination, full and spicy, hamburgers, salads and pots with dips (hummus, babaganoush and guacamole), everything “to go”. There is a small bar, but the idea is not to eat there, but to order to go. There are also tempting dishes of the day. Located in one of the most tango style neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, La Cresta owners are a married couple: Stuart and Samantha, an English man and an Argentine woman.

4- El Banco rojo: expat on the go

Bolivar 914, San Telmo

This is what in other locations is known as “a hole in the wall”. A very small spot with a bar, a couple of stools and a bench (light red) on the street. The proposal is very simple, ethnic food on the go in its highest expression. Empanadas, lamb or fish tacos, chicken burgers and bacon or meatball sandwiches. Visited by expat community of San Telmo.

5- I love Arepa: Colombian craving

Rodríguez Peña 33, Congreso

This is a place for a few. It is only for the adventurous who are used of visiting “trash” spots, totally out of the most typical gastro-tourist map. This Colombian arepa store is located near Congreso square. The store is very austere, with only a kitchen and a bar with a couple of stools. Our favorite arepas? La Caleña (with slices of meat and cheese) and Colombianísima (with avocado and beans). There are also patacones and the famous bandeja paisa.

6- La fábrica del taco: México, cabrones

Gorriti 5062, Palermo

In a city without plenty of good Mexican cuisine (sadly), La fábrica del taco is among the best. Decorated as a picturesque taco store of Monterrey: strident colors, rancheras at the top of the volume, noisy environment, it is usually full of young people. Whether at the bar or in the street, it has salons and internal patios. Tacos are small, but the idea is to order at least two. “Al pastor”, “Costra” and carnitas are very good options. There are also quesadillas and tortas del Chavo (sandwiches).

7- Un, dos, crepes: a little French love

Perú 424, Montserrat

With an admirable knowledge, the French Ludovic Casrouge prepares in Buenos Aires the famous crepes and typical cookies of the British region. Its operation center is a downtown store, which he opened with his wife in 2011, offering crepes with simple and original, light and wholesome, sweet and salty fillings. Some examples are: ham, brie, dried tomatoes and arugula, and chicken, chicken vegetables and cheese, caramel and banana or sour chocolate. To cater all tastes.



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