Which is the best tango show in Buenos Aires

This is our selection of tango shows


Which is the best tango show in Buenos Aires

Jun 14, 2019


This is our selection of tango shows

Which is the best tango show in Buenos Aires, this is a really tough question to answer, but we may say that there are so many answers as inhabitants on earth. Tango is one and a thousand at the same time; it´s multifaceted as the city of Buenos Aires. It´s spontaneous, in fact the real tango doesn´t include choreography, it´s a sequence of steps that the man indicates to his partner almost telepathically. Tango has magic. And it also tells stories: that of Buenos Aires; La Boca and other neighborhoods; that of unrequited love; that of deceit; that of abandonment; the one of Gardel, the one of Piazzolla, and the one of so many other great composers...

Tango is pure mystical and we agree that nobody can say with certainty that he knew Buenos Aires if he did not vibrate with the melancholy sound of a bandoneón. (Concertina)

This is our selection of tango shows, each with its characteristics, none equal to the other. All recommended. Choose according to your preferences:

SEÑOR TANGO: The most amazing show.

Why do we recommend it? Three reasons: His singer, Fernando Soler, is the best of the tango scene in Argentina. Currently, his voice is the most recognized, and has won several awards. The infrastructure of the room is not far behind. It has a great stage that can be seen from any location, as well as LED screens that accompany the different scenes of the show. Finally, the artistic quality in general, the dancers and the orchestra of Señor Tango are at the level of the best shows around the world. Highly recommended!

Señor Tango 2
Señor Tango 1

Where? In Barracas, a few minutes from downtown, but out of the tourist route.

How much? From USD 60.

More information here.

MADERO TANGO: A great show, with a dreamlike view.

Why do we recommend it? The price-quality ratio is unbeatable. The dance partners combine dexterity and passion, and the orchestra accompanies wonderfully. The show is exciting. In addition, a plus: videos are projected portraying Argentine history, from the original tango, to the present, with its exciting mutation through time.

Madero Tango 1
Madero Tango 2

Where? In Puerto Madero; it´s difficult to find a more perfect view of this neighborhood. The old cranes, the docks, the water of the river, and the most glittering buildings of Buenos Aires. A postcard to remember forever.

How much? From USD 22 (unbeatable price!)

More information here.

PIAZZOLLA TANGO: A tribute to the unforgettable genius of Ástor Piazzolla.

Why do we recommend it? Ástor Piazzolla, bandoneonist and composer, was one of the great landmarks of Argentine tango. His music has transcended time and space, and remains as vigorous and emotive as in his golden age. The Piazzolla Tango show is a tribute to all this genius. It also includes a free tango class. You can´t miss this opportunity!

Piazzolla Tango 1
Piazzolla Tango 2

Where? Downtown, on Florida Street and inside the beautiful Güemes Gallery. A theater of Art-Noveau architecture that is, really, a jewel in itself.

How much? From USD 30.

More information here.

TANGO PORTEÑO: The typical and traditional tango show.

Why do we recommend it? The main dance partner is probably the best in Buenos Aires. In addition, the display of costumes and staging are magnificent. Its location requires a special mention, keep reading...

Tango Porteño 1
Tango Porteño 2

Where? Downtown, a few meters from the Obelisco and the Teatro Colón. The location is a tourist attraction in itself; it used to be a well-known theater of Buenos Aires and still conserves the precious details of that time of splendor.

How much? From USD 29.

More information here.

ROJO TANGO: The most intimate and sensual show.

Why do we recommend it? It´s a show different from the rest, super exclusive, intimate and sensual. The space is limited and it provides its benefits: the stage and the artists are within reach and you can appreciate even the smallest details. A plus hard to beat: the main dance partner is led by Carlos Copello, one of the most prestigious tango dancers of this time.

Rojo Tango 1
Rojo Tango 2

Where? In Puerto Madero, inside the Faena Hotel, one of the most exclusive and extravagant hotels in Buenos Aires. Besides, its owner, Alan Faena, is one of the world's top developers, also owner of the new and millionaire Faena Hotel in Miami. Pure luxury.

How much? From USD 190.

More information here.

LA VENTANA: Much more than tango.

Why do we recommend it? It´s not the typical tango show. Besides, it includes gaucho scenes (with boleadoras!) and Argentine folk music. In a few hours, the audience appreciates the musical and traditional Argentine richness, from the deep countryside to the city life. As if that were not enough, the conductor deserves a special mention: in addition to showing off his violin, he leads the orchestra with an enviable tango passion.

La Ventana 1
La Ventana 2

Where? In San Telmo, where tango is breathed in all its corners. A plus: the theater is a restored barn that revives the true spirit of tango.

How much? From USD 66.

More information here.

EL QUERANDÍ: A journey through time.

Why do we recommend it? Two main reasons. Its singers, really pure tangueros, a faithful representation of how tango must be sung. In addition, the room is small, with capacity for a reduced audience. The result? An intimate show with the pleasant surprise that the artists circulate between the tables, deploying their talent too close to the public.

El Querandi 1
El Querandi 2

Where? In the neighborhood of Monserrat, historic heart of Buenos Aires. A mansion from 1860 distinguished as Café Notable for its antiquity, design, and its tango tradition. A jewel!

How much? From USD 60.

More information here.

EL VIEJO ALMACÉN: A show with charm of yesteryear.

Why do we recommend it? It has mystique, by this corner they passed great Tango masters like Edmundo Rivero, Polanco Goyeneche, the bandoneón of Aníbal Troilo, and the orchestra of Osvaldo Pugliese. What a history! The place retains that spirit of yesteryear, almost like a fantasy in which Edmundo Rivero may, at any moment, break in to sing his unforgettable "Sur".

El Viejo Almacen 1
El Viejo Almacen 2

Where? In San Telmo, a typical old neighborhood warehouse with 180 years of history. Small but charming.

How much? From USD 69.

More information here.

CAFÉ DE LOS ANGELITOS: A Buenos Aires iconic place.

Why do we recommend it? Because the coffee store Café de los Angelitos is a dreamed place. There is no other tango show with such an anteroom. Its history begins in 1890 and an endless number of illustrious people passed by their small tables. In fact, a curious detail: the duo Gardel-Razzano made their recording debut there, a luxury! The tango show is performed in the theater behind the Cafe, making it the perfect excuse to fall in love with this iconic Buenos Aires place. A plus: the costumes and the choreography remind us of the golden age of tango.
cafe de los angelitos saloncafe de los angelitos show

Where? In Balvanera, a few minutes from downtown, but outside the tourist center.

How much? From USD 70.

More information here.



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